Guerilla Transmedia Storytelling

This weekend, I was able to spend some personal time crafting a small but satisfying digital story.1 This project was a one-time endeavor that doesn’t readily fit any of the usual definitions. It’s not really an ARG,2 although it does contain some ARG elements. Technically it qualifies as a transmedia story since it connects with the audience via a website, social media and the telephone, but its scope is more akin to a haiku than a full story. And it contains elements of parody, although those elements are limited to a portion of one web page.

In my mind, what I created is an act of guerilla transmedia storytelling. Sort of a single freestanding act of street theater, but performed in a transmedia realm.

Like many people, I’ve played around the creative edges of nontraditional communication since I was a kid. (more…)

  1. If you’re interested in taking a look, here’s an entry point. []
  2. Alternate Reality Game []

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